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Your Enterprise Dentist Settles the Debate Between Electric and Manual Toothbrushes

November 18, 2017

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manual versus electric toothbrushWhat’s bigger than the Oregon – Oregon State rivalry? It’s the battle between the electric and manual toothbrushes. Is one actually better than the other? Your Enterprise dentist, Dr. Tyler Schaffeld, yields his expertise on the matter in hopes of ending the debate.

What are the Pros and Cons of Electric and Manual Toothbrushes?

A side by side comparison of both toothbrushes is the best way to determine which one works best for your dental care.

  • Electric Toothbrush Pros – A subtle benefit of the electric toothbrush is that it is fun. This could encourage users to brush twice daily as recommended by the American Dental Association. It can also save time as well as provide a thorough cleaning, as it has an output of between 6,000 and 30,000 strokes per minute. This means that it takes less time to clean your teeth, which again may be attractive to the more time-sensitive person. A final benefit of the electric toothbrush is that it is an option for people who may not be able to hold a manual toothbrush, as the electric version is easier to handle and requires less control from the user.
  • Electric Toothbrush Pros – They usually are more expensive than their manual counterparts, and the more higher quality ones can be very pricy. Added costs are the charging base and the heads (which should be replaced just as often as manual toothbrushes should be).
  • Manual Toothbrush Pros – With the manual toothbrush the user has more control over the brushing experience. This means that the speed and pressure applied to the teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue can be manually adjusted to the user’s comfort. This is especially important for people with sensitive areas in the mouth. For this group the vibrations from the motorized action can be irritating and painful. Also, using the manual toothbrush eliminates the expense of changing batteries and replacing heads.
  • Manual Toothbrush Cons – The manual toothbrush places more responsibility on the user to have the proper brushing technique in order to thoroughly clean the teeth and the mouth. This can be a problem for those who are more prone to rush their brushing. This method is also more challenging for users who suffer from motor difficulties, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or any other condition that may make manual brushing more challenging.

The Final Judgement on the Electric vs Manual Toothbrush Debate

The verdict is in. And the winner is dental hygiene and proper oral care. These can be achieved by either the electric or manual toothbrushes. It comes down to a matter of preference for the user. The keys are to maintain a regular brushing and flossing routine, and to visit your dentist every six months for routine cleanings and exams.

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With a well-rounded educational background, Tyler Schaffeld, DMD studied biochemistry at Central University, graduating first in his class. He then earned his DMD from Oregon Health and Science University, finishing second in his class. He practices at Tyler B. Schaffeld, DMD in Enterprise, and can be reached for information through his website.

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