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Don’t Miss Your Six Month Checkup!

March 11, 2016

six month checkupSo you brush well enough and floss most days — that should be enough to maintain good oral health, right? To put it simply, no. Excellent oral health demands you brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, floss daily and visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Are you meeting each of these requirements? If not, your oral health could soon suffer. Learn more about the importance of your six month checkup today!

Regular Checkups Are Crucial for a Healthy Smile

There’s a reason your dentist recommends twice-annual exams and cleanings — and it’s not just because we love to see you smile. It’s because we love to see you smile… healthily! These preventive visits are absolutely vital for maintaining good oral health to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Here’s what you and your teeth benefit from in a twice-annual checkup and cleaning.

Plaque, Tartar and Bacteria Removal

You know that smooth, sparkling feeling you enjoy after a visit to the dentist? That’s clean — and it’s how your teeth should feel all the time. Your six month cleaning is when the expert dental hygienist removes the plaque, tartar and bacteria that cause decay and infection for a sparkling smile.

Tooth-by-tooth Inspection

Once your teeth are as clean as can be, your dentist will inspect them and your gums for evidence of common problems, like decay, gum disease, teeth grinding and more. He or she will also check existing dental work for signs of wear, and can answer any questions you have regarding your oral health. Nightguards for teeth grinding, sports guards for athletes and other special recommendations may be made at this time.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Everyone can benefit from regular oral cancer screenings, and your dentist can perform a screening during your next checkup. He or she will look for the irregularities that can indicate oral cancer, like bumps, bleeding or changing oral structures. It’s a brief process that can greatly increase your chances for successful treatment and recovery if you do develop this serious condition.

It’s Been Awhile — Call Us Today!

If more than six months have passed since your last dental checkup and cleaning, or if you can’t even remember the last time you sat in the dental chair, don’t wait to schedule your appointment with the dentist in Enterprise. Dr. Shaffeld and his team of dental professionals are here to help you and your loved ones smile healthily for years to come. Book your visit today!

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