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9 Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety and Nervousness

April 12, 2021

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Statistics show that over 30 million Americans have some form of dental anxiety. This prevents many of them from receiving the dental care they need, which leaves them susceptible to a host of dental health issues. If you find yourself in the same situation, there’s good news. A dentist in Enterprise has 9 tips for quieting your dental anxiety so you can receive the care you need. Continue reading to find out what they are!

#1 – Choose Your Dentist Carefully

Working with the right dentist can go a long way when it comes to calming your nerves. Look for a professional who makes you feel relaxed at the first meeting. Also, pay attention to the energy inside the practice. If it feels welcoming, it’s probably a good place for you.

#2 – Share Your Concerns

Don’t feel embarrassed about sharing how you feel with your dentist and staff. There’s a good chance that you won’t be the first patient experiencing some apprehension. They’ll know just what to do to make you feel more comfortable.

#3 – Rely on Music

Music is great for soothing frayed nerves. Before any work commences, ask if it’s okay to listen to some wireless headphones. Some practices will even provide a listening device.

#4 – Use Your Hands

If you’re experiencing any discomfort during the treatment process, don’t hesitate to raise a hand to let the dentist or hygienist know. You can trust that one of their main goals is for you to have a comfortable experience. Therefore, they’ll be glad to make the necessary adjustments.

#5 – Monitor Your Breathing

It’s common to experience accelerated breathing when you’re nervous. To help achieve some relaxation, make a deliberate effort to slow down your breathing by deeply inhaling and exhaling.

#6 – Ask for Numbing Medication

You may be a little more sensitive when it comes to dental work, and that’s perfectly fine. So you can have a relaxed and painless experience, request that numbing medication be used on the treatment area.

#7 – Get More Details

Dentists don’t move forward with any procedure without having a game plan mapped out. So don’t be shy about asking what you should expect. He or she will gladly explain what your procedure will entail so you can feel more empowered and calmer.

#8 – Carefully Choose Your Appointment Time

Because life is full of stressors, you don’t want your dental visit to add to the mix. To prevent this, carefully choose your appointment time. Think about other scheduling conflicts that could arise, traffic that you may encounter along the way and other factors that could make for an unpleasant experience. Then, choose your time after you’ve taken everything into consideration.

#9 – Treat Yourself

Dental visits aren’t exactly your idea of a fun time, so when you’ve pushed through your apprehensions, you should reward yourself. Do you have a favorite restaurant or hobby that you can treat yourself to? If so, you’ve earned it! Rewarding yourself will help to create positive memories associated with your dental visit that will help in the future.

Now that you can effectively deal with your dental anxiety, the next step is to reach out to a local dentist to schedule a visit. By being proactive, you can establish a healthy habit that will pay off majorly down the road!

About the Author

Dr. Tyler Schaffeld earned his dental degree from Oregon Health and Science University. Always placing his patients at the top of his list of priorities, he has hand-selected his staff to ensure a peaceful and effective treatment experience at his private practice. Dr. Schaffeld can be reached for more information or to schedule a visit through his website.

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